Duty Free prices in China

A list of all airports in China with information on shopping, dining and duty free.

To plan ahead for your journey to China you can use Duty Free Information to see what Duty Free shops, boutiques, and products are on offer at the airports in China before you fly. We pride ourselves on the quality of our database and endeavour to have the most up to date information on what shops and boutiques are available to you on your journey at each airport and the airline that you are flying with.

We have a dedicated team of researchers with contacts at every major airport in the world which helps to ensure that our data is kept as up to date and relevant as possible. However, if you do spot something that is incorrect or out of date, then please let us know via our contact form in the the comments on any of our pages and you can help keep the database as accurate as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about China

  • Guangzhou Baiyun Airport
  • Beijing Capital Airport
  • Nanning Wuxu Airport
  • Shenzhen Bao’an Airport
  • Xi'an Xianyang Airport
  • Xiamen Gaoqi Airport
  • Fuzhou Changle Airport
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport
  • Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
  • Chengdu Shuangliu Airport
  • Shanghai Pudong Airport
  • Haikou Meilan Airport
  • Shanshan Airport
  • Wuhu Air Base Airport
  • Rugao Air Base Airport
  • Bengbu Airport
  • Huatugou Airport
  • Guangzhou MR Air Base Airport
  • Dongshan Airport
  • Tianjin Binhai Airport
  • Taiyuan Wusu Airport
  • Changsha Huanghua Airport
  • Guilin Liangjiang Airport
  • Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport
  • Wuhan Tianhe Airport
  • Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport
  • Xishuangbanna Gasa Airport
  • Kunming Changshui Airport
  • Nanchang Changbei Airport
  • Ningbo Lishe Airport
  • Nanjing Lukou Airport
  • Hefei Luogang Airport
  • Liuting Airport
  • Yantai Penglai Airport
  • Chongqing Jiangbei Airport
  • Longdongbao Airport
  • Xichang Qingshan Airport
  • Kashgar Airport
  • Hotan Airport
  • Ürümqi Diwopu Airport
  • Taiping Airport
  • Mudanjiang Hailang Airport
  • Zhoushuizi Airport
  • Sanya Phoenix Airport
  • Lijiang Airport
  • Dali Airport
  • Yinchuan Airport
  • Lhasa Gonggar Airport
  • Yaoqiang Airport
  • Changzhou Benniu Airport
  • Yibin Caiba Airport
  • Taoxian Airport
  • Luoyang Airport
  • Xuzhou Guanyin Airport
  • Jiuzhai Huanglong Airport
  • Jieyang Chaoshan Airport
  • Dunhuang Airport
  • Longjia Airport
  • Beijing Nanyuan Airport
  • Chifeng Airport
  • Changzhi Airport
  • Datong Airport
  • Baita Airport
  • Baotou Airport
  • Shijiazhuang Daguocun Airport
  • Tongliao Airport
  • Ulanhot Airport
  • Xilinhot Airport
  • Beihai Airport
  • Changde Airport
  • Dayong Airport
  • Meixian Airport
  • Zhuhai Jinwan Airport
  • Liuzhou Bailian Airport
  • Zhanjiang Airport
  • Enshi Airport
  • Nanyang Jiangying Airport
  • Xiangyang Liuji Airport
  • Yichang Sanxia Airport
  • Ankang Wulipu Airport
  • Golmud Airport
  • Hanzhong Chenggu Airport
  • Qingyang Airport
  • Xining Caojiabu Airport
  • Yan’an Ershilipu Airport
  • Yulin Yuyang Airport
  • Diqing Airport
  • Mangshi Airport
  • Pu’er Simao Airport
  • Zhaotong Airport
  • Ganzhou Airport
  • Jingdezhen Airport
  • Jiujiang Lushan Airport
  • Quzhou Airport
  • Lianyungang Airport
  • Huangyan Luqiao Airport
  • Shubuling Airport
  • Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport
  • Huangshan Tunxi Airport
  • Weifang Airport
  • Weihai Airport
  • Sunan Shuofang Airport
  • Nanping Wuyishan Airport
  • Wenzhou Longwan Airport
  • Yancheng Airport
  • Yiwu Airport
  • Zhoushan Airport
  • Qamdo Bangda Airport
  • Dachuan Airport
  • Guangyuan Airport
  • Luzhou Airport
  • Mianyang Airport
  • Nanchong Airport
  • Nyingchi Airport
  • Wanxian Airport
  • Aksu Airport
  • Qiemo Airport
  • Kuqa Airport
  • Korla Airport
  • Karamay Airport
  • Yining Airport
  • Heihe Airport
  • Jiamusi Airport
  • Jinzhou Airport
  • Qiqihar Sanjiazi Airport
  • Yanji Chaoyangchuan Airport
  • Anqing Tianzhushan Airport
  • Shanhaiguan Airport
  • Yuncheng Guangong Airport
  • Jiayuguan Airport
  • Ordos Ejin Horo Airport
  • Hami Airport
  • Wuzhou Changzhoudao Airport
  • Tacheng Airport
  • Chaoyang Airport
  • Gu-Lian Airport
  • Jining Qufu Airport
  • Wuhai Airport
  • Tongren Fenghuang Airport
  • Fuyang Xiguan Airport
  • Longyan Guanzhishan Airport
  • Xingyi Airport
  • Liping Airport
  • Zhijiang Airport
  • Tengchong Tuofeng Airport
  • Yushu Batang Airport
  • Ngari Gunsa Airport
  • Zhongwei Shapotou Airport
  • Kanas Airport
  • Handan Airport
  • Jixi Xingkaihu Airport
  • Bayannur Tianjitai Airport
  • Lingling Airport
  • Yangzhou Taizhou Airport
  • Turpan Jiaohe Airport
  • Guyuan Liupanshan Airport
  • Changhai Airport
  • Bijie Feixiong Airport
  • Yichun Mingyueshan Airport
  • Gannan Xiahe Airport
  • Xinyuan Nalati Airport
  • Anshan Air Base Airport
  • Zunyi Xinzhou Airport
  • Lindu Airport
  • Anshun Huangguoshu Airport
  • Tonghua Sanyuanpu Airport
  • Suzhou Guangfu Airport
  • Erenhot Saiwusu Airport
  • Hechi Jinchengjiang Airport
  • Fuyuan Dongji Airport
  • Kaili Airport
  • Shennongjia Hongping Airport
  • Arxan Yi’ershi Airport
  • Hengyang Nanyue Airport
  • Alashankou Bole (Bortala) Airport
  • Beijing Daxing Airport

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What airports are in China

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