Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Duty Free

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About Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CAN)

IATA/ICAO CodeWhat is the IATA/ICAO code for Guangzhou Baiyun Airport?:
AddressWhat is the address for Guangzhou Baiyun Airport?:
Baiyun, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
CityWhat city is Guangzhou Baiyun Airport located?: Guangzhou
CountryWhat country is Guangzhou Baiyun Airport in?:
PhoneWhat is the phone number for Guangzhou Baiyun Airport?:
+86 20 3606 6999
WebsiteWhat is the website for Guangzhou Baiyun Airport?:
Arrivals: Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CAN) Arrivals
Departures: Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CAN) Departures
Weather Temperature: 14.99°C
Conditions: Clouds
Humidity: 88%
Wind: 2 k/h
Pressure: 1020 hpa
Latitude/LongitudeWhat is the Latitude/Longitude for Guangzhou Baiyun Airport?
23.39240074, 113.2990036
Map: Click to view airport map
Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Duty Free
3.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 3 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.
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Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (IATA: CAN, ICAO: ZGGG) is the major airport of Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, China. Both airport codes were inherited from the former Baiyun Airport, and the IATA code is derived from Guangzhou’s historically romanization Canton. Baiyun Airport serves as a hub for China Southern Airlines, FedEx Express, 9 Air, Hainan Airlines and Shenzhen Airlines.

In 2015, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport was China’s third busiest and world’s 17th busiest airport by passenger traffic, with 55,201,915 passengers handled. As for cargo traffic, the airport was China’s third busiest and the 19th busiest worldwide. Baiyun airport was also the third busiest airport in China in terms of aircraft movements.

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Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Reviews

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Duty Free
One of the worst airports I've seen: people smoking in toilets, dirty toilets with no soap, no internet access except for ChinaMobile SIM owners, rude staff, very long (200+) & slow (1h+) emmigration queues, expensive shops. To be avoided!
- claudiu

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Duty Free
very huge but don't want to transfer at this airport again. hard to find wifi and the price in the airport is crazy expensive! and smoking room and toilet is not divided well so feel uncomfortable. there are no special things for long time transfer
- jrkim

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Duty Free
Could not rate this airport to much as we were only transitting through on our way to Beijing from London Heathrow but found everything clean plenty of food and shops, plus the airport was bery spacious.
- Nigel Stacey

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Duty Free
The flight parked very remote and all passengers need to sit and wait for the border medical control team removed some passengers from Ebola effected countries on this flight. We have been transferred to terminal building and stood on queue in a hot and opened air for 10 more minutes to hand the medical clearance form to the airport medical control team one by one... also no priority for business class passengers. Baggage was out so later, even it has the star alliance priority label on it.
- Chris

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Duty Free
When I try to transfer from domestic to international flight, I have to leave the security zone and have security check again.
- Mini Dragon

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Duty Free
Even for transfer there is immigration bur even for Sky Priority it was a 25 minute queue, just not enough staff. Business lounge had no air conditioning and with outside temperature 28 degC it was like a oven inside. Power sockets are in the middle of the floor and people keep tripping over power cables.
- Steve Dean

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Duty Free
When I arrived at this airport after midnight, it seemed that the workers were not enough. I had to wait for my baggage for 1.5 hours. I was unhappy about this.
- ZhangDY

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Duty Free
Guangzhhou Baiyun airport is a sprawling mess that is always overcrowded with aeroplanes. I use this airport at least twice a year, and rarely pull up at the aerobridge. Even on a long haul international flight, the 'plane stops on the apron, with passengers ferried to the correct terminal by shuttle bus. When I was there last, the Wi-Fi required a Chinese mobile number to receive an access code, making it useless for foreigners. The airport has a great number of overpriced shops and restaurants, which I would not bother visiting. The saving grace is a connection to central Guangzhou by subway.
- Metro Man

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Duty Free
crazy lines to check-in and get thru security... basically have to cut and haggle to get anything done. Aircon intermittent.
- Christopher Harris

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Duty Free
Immigration worst , be mindful if you have transit visa for 72 hours upon arrival they will further scrutinize you. have all the hotel details and return tickets ready . please make sure that you dont pay too much for the taxi , we were charged 700 rmb to Hilton in Foshan which is like double price
- kunal singh
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