Duty Free prices in France

A list of all airports in France with information on shopping, dining and duty free.

To plan ahead for your journey to France you can use Duty Free Information to see what Duty Free shops, boutiques, and products are on offer at the airports in France before you fly. We pride ourselves on the quality of our database and endeavour to have the most up to date information on what shops and boutiques are available to you on your journey at each airport and the airline that you are flying with.

We have a dedicated team of researchers with contacts at every major airport in the world which helps to ensure that our data is kept as up to date and relevant as possible. However, if you do spot something that is incorrect or out of date, then please let us know via our contact form in the the comments on any of our pages and you can help keep the database as accurate as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about France

  • Beauvais–Tillé Airport
  • Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport
  • EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport
  • Toulouse–Blagnac Airport
  • Bergerac Dordogne Perigord Airport
  • Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées Airport
  • Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport
  • Ajaccio Bonaparte Airport
  • Chambery Savoie Airport
  • Lyon Saint-Exupery Airport
  • Grenoble Isere Airport
  • Carcassonne Airport
  • Marseille Provence Airport
  • Nice Côte d’Azur Airport
  • Montpellier Mediterranee Airport
  • Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • Paris Orly Airport
  • Lille Airport
  • Brest Bretagne Airport
  • Nantes Atlantique Airport
  • Strasbourg Airport
  • La Rochelle Airport
  • Calais-Dunkerque Airport
  • Le Touquet-Côte d’Opale Airport
  • Agen-La Garenne Airport
  • Cognac-Châteaubernard (BA 709) Air Base Airport
  • Poitiers-Biard Airport
  • Montluçon-Guéret Airport
  • Limoges Airport
  • Niort-Souché Airport
  • Pau Pyrénées Airport
  • Angoulême-Brie-Champniers Airport
  • Toul Rosières Air Base Airport
  • Périgueux-Bassillac Airport
  • Biarritz Pays Basque Airport
  • Arcachon-La Teste-de-Buch Airport
  • Albi-Le Séquestre Airport
  • Castres-Mazamet Airport
  • Rodez-Marcillac Airport
  • Royan-Médis Airport
  • Rochefort-Saint-Agnant (BA 721) Airport
  • Colmar-Houssen Airport
  • Dole-Tavaux Airport
  • Aubenas-Ardèche Méridional Airport
  • Le Puy-Loudes Airport
  • Bourg-Ceyzériat Airport
  • Villefranche-Tarare Airport
  • Moulins-Montbeugny Airport
  • Bastia-Poretta Airport
  • Calvi-Sainte-Catherine Airport
  • Figari Sud-Corse Airport
  • Solenzara (BA 126) Air Base Airport
  • Auxerre-Branches Airport
  • Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport
  • Bourges Airport
  • Chalon-Champforgeuil Airport
  • Annemasse Airport
  • Mâcon-Charnay Airport
  • Roanne-Renaison Airport
  • Annecy-Haute-Savoie-Mont Blanc Airport
  • Valence-Chabeuil Airport
  • Vichy-Charmeil Airport
  • Aurillac Airport
  • Châteauroux-Déols Marcel Dassault”” Airport
  • Lyon-Bron Airport
  • Aix-en-Provence (BA 114) Airport
  • Cannes-Mandelieu Airport
  • Saint-Étienne-Bouthéon Airport
  • Perpignan-Rivesaltes (Llabanère) Airport
  • Le Castellet Airport
  • Béziers-Vias Airport
  • Avignon-Caumont Airport
  • Mende-Brenoux Airport
  • Le Havre Octeville Airport
  • Orléans-Bricy (BA 123) Air Base Airport
  • Châlons-Vatry Air Base Airport
  • Rouen Airport
  • Tours-Val-de-Loire Airport
  • Cholet Le Pontreau Airport
  • Laval-Entrammes Airport
  • Paris-Le Bourget Airport
  • Creil Air Base Airport
  • Toussus-le-Noble Airport
  • Pontoise – Cormeilles-en-Vexin Airport
  • Troyes-Barberey Airport
  • Nevers-Fourchambault Airport
  • Cherbourg Maupertus Airport
  • Dinard-Pleurtuit-Saint-Malo Airport
  • Granville Airport
  • Deauville-Saint-Gatien Airport
  • Lorient South Brittany (Bretagne Sud) Airport
  • La Roche-sur-Yon Airport
  • Caen-Carpiquet Airport
  • Le Mans-Arnage Airport
  • Rennes-Saint-Jacques Airport
  • Lannion-Côte de Granit Airport
  • Quimper-Cornouaille Airport
  • Saint-Brieuc-Armor Airport
  • Morlaix-Ploujean Airport
  • Vannes-Meucon Airport
  • Saint-Nazaire-Montoir Airport
  • Dijon-Bourgogne Airport
  • Metz-Frescaty (BA 128) Air Base Airport
  • Épinal-Mirecourt Airport
  • Nancy-Essey Airport
  • Reims-Champagne (BA 112) Air Base Airport
  • Toulon-Hyères Airport
  • Nîmes-Arles-Camargue Airport
  • Île d’Yeu Airport
  • Angers-Loire Airport
  • La Môle Airport
  • Gustaf III Airport
  • Courchevel Airport
  • Fréjus Airport
  • Megève Airport
  • Méribel Altiport Airport
  • Fontaine Airport

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