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About Belfast City Airport (BHD)

Belfast BT3 9JH
City: Belfast
United Kingdom
028 9093 9093
Arrivals: Belfast City (BHD) Arrivals
Departures: Belfast City (BHD) Departures
54.61809921, -5.872499943
Map: Click to view airport map
Belfast City Airport Duty Free
3.7 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 3.7 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.
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Belfast City Airport (IATA: BHD, ICAO: EGAC), is an airport serving the Belfast area in United Kingdom. Scroll down or click here to see what Belfast City Airport shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, and facilities we have in our Duty Free Information 2024 Database. Currently in our database we have information on 4 shops, 2 cafes, and 2 restaurants at Belfast City Airport. If you believe this data is out of date or incorrect in any way, please contact us and we will get our team of researchers to correct our data.

Welcome to Belfast City Airport (BHD), a bustling gateway to the vibrant and historically rich city of Belfast, Northern Ireland, and a hub for both domestic and international travelers. As you embark on your journey through this dynamic airport, be sure to explore the fantastic shopping opportunities available at the Belfast City Airport duty free shops.

Located just a short distance from the captivating city of Belfast, the airport is renowned for its modern amenities, efficient services, and extensive range of domestic and international connections. With its prime location, Belfast City Airport serves as an ideal starting point for exploring the iconic sights and attractions that the city and surrounding areas have to offer.

One of the highlights of any visit to Belfast City Airport is the exceptional duty free shopping experience on offer. The Belfast City Airport duty free shops boast a wide selection of products, including luxury goods, electronics, cosmetics, and local souvenirs. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift or simply looking to treat yourself, the duty free shops at Belfast City Airport are sure to impress with their unbeatable prices and diverse selection.

In addition to the outstanding shopping opportunities, Belfast City Airport also provides a range of services and amenities designed to cater to the needs of all travelers. These include comfortable waiting areas, a variety of dining options, and convenient ground transportation services such as taxis, buses, and car rentals. With its state-of-the-art facilities and friendly staff, Belfast City Airport ensures a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

As you plan your visit to the enchanting city of Belfast, don’t forget to set aside some time to explore the Belfast City Airport duty free shops. With their impressive range of products and exceptional prices, these shops are a must-visit for any savvy traveler. So whether you’re arriving or departing from Belfast City Airport, make sure to take advantage of the fantastic duty free shopping opportunities available.

In summary, Belfast City Airport is a bustling hub offering modern amenities, efficient services, and a wide range of domestic and international connections. The Belfast City Airport duty free shops provide travelers with a unique opportunity to shop for high-quality products at unbeatable prices. Be sure to include these shops in your itinerary during your visit to Belfast City Airport for an unforgettable shopping experience in the heart of Northern Ireland.

Frequently Asked Questions about Belfast City Airport

It takes approximately 11 mins to drive the 4.6 mi (7.4 kilometres) between the centre of Belfast and Belfast City Airport, making it accessible enough to facilitate and accommodate any travel plans. Make sure you arrive in time to take the opportunity to explore the duty-free shopping opportunities located inside BHD airport, where you can purchase exclusive perfumes and colognes, cigarettes, alcohol, food items, confectionery, and souvenirs from United Kingdom.

External parking options are available. Don't forget that you can also opt to leave your car at home, thanks to the many public transportation alternatives that can take you to and from Belfast City Airport.

Once you arrive at the airport, you have the option to fuel up for your journey ahead by grabbing a bite to eat at any of the 4 available restaurants and cafes, or why not head straight for the duty-free shopping opportunities at the 4 different shops around Belfast City Airport? Get a last-minute gift for a loved one, or spoil yourself with a well-deserved souvenir from your trip.

  • House Of Ireland
  • WHSmith
  • World Duty Free

  • Bushmills Bar
  • Costa Coffee
  • Espression By Lavazza
  • OBrien's
  • The Harvest Market

We do not have this information in our database.


Belfast BT3 9JH


United Kingdom

028 9093 9093

Belfast City Airport (BHD/EGAC) shops, restaurants, and facilities

Shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, and facilities at Belfast City Airport:

Bushmills Bar
  • Departures Lounge
  • After Security
Espression By Lavazza
  • Departures Lounge
House Of Ireland
  • Arrivals Hall
  • After Security
  • Departures Lounge
  • After Security
The Harvest Market
  • Departures Lounge
  • After Security

What airlines operate passenger services out of Belfast City Airport?

The following airlines all fly passenger services out of Belfast City Airport:

Belfast City Airport Reviews

Not much to do at the airport, waited for a while as we were early
- Mikhail Novak

Helpful lady at information desk
- Peter Guthrey

this airport seems as though it is the better of the 2 belfast airports, it is close to the city and looks modern from the outside but when you go inside you will realise how much of an actual sespit this airport really is.. this airport is like a shed on the inside.. with plywood walls in the security area for seemingly no reason whatsoever.. i also believe this airport could give a person pneumonia because where you wait to board your flight it an open "corridor" with a wall on one side and a pathetic fence that goes up to about your shin on the other meaning even before you have left the terminal you're probably already drenched, there is also nothing in the airport... you have a whs smith and that is it! i kid you not there are no shops in this airport at all. also the runway is too short so prepare for the shortest take off youll ever experience in your life. but this airport has wifi which is at least something
- Ian Patton

The only thing this airport has going for it is it's close proximity to Belfast City Centre. Upon arrival, there is a long walk along a dark dingy pier with water stained carpet tiles - I assume the roof leaks from time to time. They do have a good idea of a 10 minute free window in the car park to be collected by colleagues/friends etc Security is painfully slow and they seem reluctant to open all scanning lanes. There are too few seats available in the departure lounge - when it gets busy you have to stand when waiting for your flight. Most stands have no air bridge so you will get soaked in inclement weather waiting to board your flight and it rains a lot in NI!! Clearly the place is run on a shoestring budget.
- Dan

I liked it! Really friendly people and a really happy atmosphere. Lots of places to sit and look at planes. Pretty good, have to say! The lounge area had very large windows so a lot of light came through. The distance to to gates was very close. Very good experience.
- Scott Mairs

Belfast city security check is awful here. every time someone walks through the metal detector they always got patted down. after security is BRILLIANT! i would go to Belfast city than the international because the city is much MORE quiet.
- george

George Belfast is a great little airport. With only around 11 gates there's non of this walking for miles and miles to baggage reclaim. If you only have hand luggage then I can guarantee within 10 minutes of touching down your outside the main terminal awaiting your transport etc.
- Nial Collinge

This airport is a much more quieter airport compared to other ones in the uk. International airport gets me places like florida ,orlando etc and all them far away places over the atlantic ocean to america although flying to liverpool in the flybe planes is really good good and warm and can have a few hours rest i'd recommend this airport better than international airport for 1 reason far quieter and quicker to go through to get on flights go to duty free and get baggage brilliant airport to me :)
- Brandon Woods

Bus service from Belfast was good enough, bit slow through the city. Terminal was good, but very little electronic signs for departing planes. For a regional airport, the baggage was very slow and it was very crowded and loud. Shops sell standard food e.g. crisps, sandwiches etc. and the Wifi worked well enough. Boarding was quick and easy, overall a good airport.
- Owen Gunn

The airport is very well located, you just step off the city train and walk some meters. Then a mini-bus picks you to the airport. It's comfortable and clean, has a lot of space to sit down or to eat and offers 4 hours of wi-fi after which you just log in again and get another 4 hours. The only downside is that it's a bit confusing with the gates. You will not know your gate until the last call. But there was no reason to panic in the end.
- Natalia
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