POLAND. A studio-designed retail zone for Żubrówka, the Polish vodka flavoured with wild-grown bison grass, will open next month in the new Baltona Duty Free store at Warsaw Chopin Airport.

The stand, designed by Studio Otwarte and covering several dozen square metres, will feature natural materials including wood, stone and bison grass. It will include a “living ecosystem” to represent Zubrokwka’s origins in the primeval Białowieża forest.

The “Żubrówka zone” will stock all major varieties of the vodka, including the clear Żubrówka Biala and the super-premium Żubrówka Czarna. Żubrówka is produced by CEDC, the largest integrated alcoholic drinks company in Central and Eastern Europe.

Baltona President of the Management Board Piotr Kazimierski said: “The proposal of our long-term partner CEDC fits perfectly with the concept of creating a modern duty free space at Chopin Airport. We want to be distinguished by a sense of place and to show, in a modern way, what departing passengers can take with them from Poland.”

CEDC General Director Vassilen Tzanov said: “With over 500 years of tradition, Żubrówka is a Polish icon … I am convinced that the Żubrówka Zone will enable passengers to remember our brand’s positive associations.”

The zone will open in the second half of January 2019.


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