Shannon Retail Innovation partners with Identity to launch e-Voyager interactive app

Creative design specialist Identity has partnered with Irish agency Shannon Retail Innovation to pre-launch e-Voyager, a multi-feature, interactive shopping platform.

Over the past 15 years, Identity has produced magazines for leading airlines including Retail Therapy for Virgin Atlantic, Vibe for Etihad Airways and British Airways’ On Board Menu.

Its e-Voyager is described as the “tool set to revolutionise travel retail”, designed to “fast-track the long-awaited digital shift in the industry”.

The app aims to help concessionaires, airlines and travel companies to reach their customers in innovative ways. It offers a range of ecommerce, user engagement and analytics features and is, according to Identity, the “first of its kind to take infight shopping to a new, immersive level”.

With an easy-to-use interface, the app offers online and offline browsing modes and customisable design and layout. Shoppers will be able to browse, share, review and purchase items at home, onboard or on the go. An integrated AR ‘Try-on’ feature offers the opportunity to virtually try watches, makeup and accessories before buying.

E-Voyager offers retailers and operators engagement boosting tools and an integrated analytics capability to align their marketing strategy with their customers’ in-app actions. From targeted notifications and offers to measured clicks, engagement and conversion data, the app will enable them to shape their content around user behaviour to target customers.

A dedicated admin portal is designed to manage orders, promotional activity, cut-off times and customer communications across multiple or single airlines.

Identity Director Michael Dennington said: “As global shopping habits continue to change and evolve at a rapid pace, we felt it was time for the industry to get ahead of the curve and take full advantage of the amazing technologies available

“We’re thrilled to be leading this exciting change, and with plans for e-Voyager to launch across airlines and expand further to the cruise industry and airports as early as April 2021, we look forward to seeing its impact very soon.”

Shannon Retail Innovation Founder Joe Harvey added: “I have been fortunate to work with Identity on the award-winning Vibe magazine for Etihad during my time at Retail in Motion and I believe that e-Voyager offers retail programme changes that are needed and opportunities especially in inflight retail.”

Original source - The Moodie Davitt Report

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