A new-look Mouton Cadet is being highlighted in Heinemann Duty Free & Travel Value shops.

Online promotions are running throughout July and include digital advertising in Heinemann Home Delivery Webshop and Pre-Order Webshops , as well as on the Heinemann Facebook page .

Baron Philippe de Rothschild Winemaker Pierre Lambert said:

“The sheer extent of the Bordeaux vineyard means that we can choose the best. Merlot predominates in Mouton Cadet red, underpinned by the tannic structure of Cabernet Sauvignon and the elegance of Cabernet Franc.”

New packaging for Mouton Cadet wines include changes to the label, with a modernised ‘Barbaccus’ logo – recognised as a strong marker of the brand’s identity – and the addition of coloured curls to recall bunches of grapes.

The Reserve range features a new, more premium design, with screen printing directly on the bottle.

Original source - The Moodie Davitt Report


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