Jägermeister unveil Manifest

As we’ve reached the weekend and Jägerbombs will be drunk (and possibly regretted the morning after) it seems a good time to Jägermeister and their announcement of a brand new premium spirit called Manifest which is due to arrive on the travel retail scene on April 1st.

Premium spirits are designed for sipping and not downing in one with some caffeinated soft drink like the Jägermeister seems to have become synonymous with. Retailing at €29.90 in duty free, Manifest will be available at seven airports for it’s initial release (with Berlin and Copenhagen being two of the seven).

Dietmar Franke from Jägermeister’s travel retail department said: “We are doing an exclusive launch with Heinemann in the 1 April to give their passengers a proper experience of Manifest.  We want to make sure the passengers get to taste it and understand what it’s about.”

Andreas Lehmann, Jägermeister’s head of public relations, added: “We have a highly valuable bottle but it is not the most valuable thing.  The product is the premium thing, the product will speak for itself and it will attract the target group.”

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