Finavia break passenger volume record

Finavia have announced that during 2016, passenger volumes at their airports increased by 3.5% to reach an all-time high. A total of 20,786,846 passengers travelled through their airports in 2016, with an impressive 71.2 million at Helsinki Airport.

26% of these passengers were on domestic flights, whilst the remaining 74% were on international ones – an increase of 3.4% and 4.9% respectively. A large proportion of growth came from the travel from Asia to Finland which has grown by 4.7% with Chinese passengers growing by 7.5%.

Joni Sundelin, senior vice president at Finavia explained:

“The demand for air traffic is still growing strong, and we are powerfully involved in this growth, which can be seen in the record-breaking passenger volumes. To us, an important step in strengthening our position was the landing of Qatar Airways in Finland in autumn. The magic of Lapland is also reflected in these figures and, what is more, Chinese passengers are more often selecting Finland as their destination”.

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