St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport Duty Free

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About St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport (UVF)

Hewanorra International Airport, Vieux Fort, St. Lucia
City: Castries
Saint Lucia
+1 758-452-0231
Arrivals: St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport (UVF) Arrivals
Departures: St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport (UVF) Departures
13.7332, -60.952599
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St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport Duty Free
3.2 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 3.2 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.
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St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport (IATA: UVF, ICAO: TLPL), is an airport serving the Castries area in Saint Lucia. Scroll down or click here to see what St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, and facilities we have in our Duty Free Information 2022 Database. Currently in our database we have information on 4 shops, 4 cafes, and 1 restaurants at St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport. If you believe this data is out of date or incorrect in any way, please contact us and we will get our team of researchers to correct our data.

Hewanorra International Airport (IATA: UVF, ICAO: TLPL), located near Vieux Fort Quarter, Saint Lucia, in the Caribbean, is the larger of Saint Lucia’s two airports and is managed by the Saint Lucia Air and Seaports Authority (SLASPA). It is on the southern cape of the island, about 53.4 km (33.2 mi) from the capital city, Castries.

The airport is a Fire Category 9 facility that handles 500,000 passengers a year and can accommodate Boeing 747, Airbus A330, Airbus A340, Boeing 777, and other long-range intercontinental aircraft. Aircraft maintenance is carried out by Caribbean Dispatch Services. The country’s smaller airport, George F. L. Charles Airport, is located in Castries and handles inter-Caribbean passenger flights, which are operated with turboprop and prop aircraft.

How far away is St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport from from the centre of Castries?

It takes approximately 1 hour, 8 minutes to drive the 32.9 miles (52.9 kilometres) between the centre of Castries and St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport, making it accessible enough to facilitate and accommodate any travel plans. Make sure you arrive in time to take the opportunity to explore the duty-free shopping opportunities located inside UVF airport, where you can purchase exclusive perfumes and colognes, cigarattes, alcohol, food items, confectionery, and souvenirs from Saint Lucia.

What are the parking options at St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport?

External parking options are available. Don't forget that you can also opt to leave your car at home, thanks to the many public transportation alternatives that can take you to and from St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Duty free shopping is when you can purchase goods that have had the duty/tax (usually taxes like import, VAT, and sales tax) waivered by the government, therefore reducing the prices that you would normally expect to pay in a standard shop or website. Duty free shops are usually found at airports or sea terminals, but you can also sometimes purchase duty free goods during international flights or on cruises.

Anyone travelling internationally (between two different countries) is eligible to purchase duty free items.

The term 'duty' refers to the tax that you pay if you bring a product from one country to another. i.e. if you bought some perfume in the United Kingdom, and then flew to Germany you might have to pay tax in both countries. Most governments do not charge the duty on products bought when you are leaving that country, which means that the customer doesn't have to pay the tax twice. This usually only applies when you are leaving the country, i.e. it is for export purposes only.

As the price for items bought in duty free shops often have the duty taken off the RRP, it can make them a lot cheaper than if you bought the goods in a normal shop. However, there are usually limits on how much you can buy on your trip, and these limits will vary from country to country, and also vary from item to item (i.e. there will be different limits on alcohol and cigarettes).

The most popular items in duty free shops are usually the products that are most heavily taxed, i.e. alcohol, perfumes, and tobacco. Duty free inventories will vary from country to country, and also from airport to airport. In larger airports, you may even find different prices in the numerous shops - remember it's always best to shop around! Make sure you check our database to see all the shops at each airport, and then you can invesigate the prices at each one.

Sadly, you can't just turn up at a duty free shop with several empty suitcases and fill them up with goodies! Restrictions will be in place, and these can vary from country to country. You will only be allowed to buy certain amounts of different types of products. Tobacco, alcohol, and perfumes are usually the products that are most likely to be subject to the stricter allowances. Make sure you check whilst purchasing, or else you run the risk of your items being confiscated upon arrival at your destination's customs.

No. Duty free is only available to travellers who are flying from one country to another country.

Yes. Many duty free shops will allow you to pre-order any purchases online before your journey. You will need your boarding pass and passport when you pick the items up from the airport shop.

What is there to do upon arrival at St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport?

Once you arrive at the airport, you have the option to fuel up for your journey ahead by grabbing a bite to eat at any of the 5 available restaurants and cafes, or why not head straight for the duty-free shopping opportunities at the 4 different shops around St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport? Get a last-minute gift for a loved one, or spoil yourself with a well-deserved souvenir from your trip.

St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport shops, restaurants, and facilities

Shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, and facilities at St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport include:

Duty Free Shoppers
  • +17584548444
Harry Edwards Jewelers
  • +17584586030
Island Deli
Iyanola Executive Lounge
Noah's Ark
Owen's Restaurant and Bar
Rituals Coffee
Shirl's Variety
  • +17587162165
  • Opens 7am
The Tarmac Lounge
  • +17584543980
St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport Reviews

decent small little airport
- suneel manroy

Nice quiet airport with good view of runway and ramp in food court area.
- Celestyn Chmielewski

Getting to the airport over the road is a bit gruelling, since roads can be poor. Using the (expensive) helicopter taxi however is an enormous thrill. Hewanorra is a very small airport, which is an advantage in that waiting times are short, however there's also only a few amenities. Food is mostly fast-food, although the local Piton beer always can mellow my mood. There's free WiFi available, but it's somewhat unreliable.
- Atlantic X

Check in was speedy, security was also speedy but felt very rushed. They didn't want to know about liquids although they made everyone take their shoes off. BA and VA flights were leaving at the same time so they probably wanted everyone through as quick as possible. Security was small so I would imagine this would get clogged up very quickly. If you don't have lounge access there is not much to do at UVF airport once through security. There is some duty-free but it's all pretty expensive (and in $), better off getting it in UK. Food services was pretty dire with overpriced greasy food available plus massive queues and not very many places to sit. Bottles of cold Piton beer were available from the self-serve shop at $5 a bottle and there was no queue. The tannoy announcements were annoyingly loud (and unclear) so there isn't much chance of a quick shut-eye, not that there is the space for it either. Terminal was very small. Free Wi-Fi though so that was a bonus. Overall a small Caribbean airport terminal not really geared up for heavy international flights.
- Fish Bone
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Map of St. Lucia Hewanorra Airport

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