South African Explorer Mike Horn becomes Ambassador for Metaxa 12 Stars

Metaxa have announced that South African explorer Mike Horn is to be Ambassador for their brandy – 12 stars.

The Mike Horn campaign is featured at Athens Airport and the repackaged Metaxa 12 Stars is available at most international European airports, through Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail.

House of Metaxa managing director Stephanie Ancel said: “When meeting Mike Horn, you know you are facing a trailblazer: from his approach to people and life, to the very personal way he plans his adventures, everything about him is authentic. Mike pursues authenticity; he seeks it in everything and acknowledges it everywhere, just as he found it in ‘the genuine commitment of the House of Metaxa to creating a unique spirit’. It is hardly surprising that Mike says that “after an achievement to be shared in a moment of authentic friendship, I enjoy a fine drink, naturally a Metaxa 12 Stars!”

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