Minneapolis-St. Paul gets a LoLo American Kitchen and Craft Bar

Earlier this month (3rd November), Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport had it’s latest restaurant/bar open – LoLo American Kitchen and Craft Bar – LoLo is short for ‘locally owned, locally operated’.

LoLo Founder Joe Ehlenz said: “Our goal is to deliver an authentic experience to the MSP traveller. We want to keep the same ideals that we’ve kept street side, scratch bar to kitchen, using local distillers and food products. It’s been a winning combination for us, and we believe with SSP America as our operating partner, it will be a winning combination at the airport.”

Metropolitan Airports Commission Chief Executive Officer Brian Ryks added: “SSP has been a long-time partner of Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport and has demonstrated time and again its commitment to upholding MSP’s mission ‘to provide your best airport experience.’ I want to thank SSP for its support of some outstanding local entrepreneurs and its elevation of MSP’s restaurant offerings in terms of both design and culinary innovation.”

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