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Most airlines offer some kind of inflight shopping although depending on the route and the airline, these products may or may not be duty free. You can usually expect to be able to purchase fragrances, cosmetics, etc from the comfort of your seat. Here’s what information we currently have on Kenya Airways duty free shopping. Be sure to check back on this page frequently as we are constantly updating the information on the website.

About Kenya Airways

Airline name:Kenya Airways


Kenya Airways offer a wide range of fantastic products for duty free shopping inflight. These are your usual, familiar big brand names from around the world, and also Kenyan products. You can pre-order your purchases online before your flight or buy whilst flying.

For payment of your goods, Kenya Airways accepts cash (US Dollars and most other major currencies – including Kenya Shillings), but notes only. You can also use credit cards, but with a minimum purchase of US$20 and a maximum of US$300 per passenger. Debit cards are sadly not accepted.

Founded in 1977, Kenya Airways (KQ) is the country’s flag carrier. It operates from a hub at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta Airport (NBO). Kenya Airways flies to about 60 destinations. Of these, four are within Kenya and and 44 are in other African countries. Non-African destinations include points in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. The airline, which is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, also has codeshare agreements with 19 other airlines. Kenya Airways has a fleet of 43 Boeing and Embraer passenger planes, each of which is configured with a Business Class and an Economy Class cabin.

Latest Kenya Airways Duty Free Shopping Magazine

Kenya Airways offers on board duty free shopping – check out this page for more information.

Kenyan Airways Duty Free Shopping Allowances

DestinationCigarettesEdP/EdTSpirits / Wine
Burundi1,000Reasonable1 Litre
Egypt200Reasonable1 Litre
Ethiopia100500ml1 Litre
Hong Kong
Non-residents20060ml / 250ml1 Bottle
Residents10060ml / 250ml750ml wine
Kenya200568ml1 Bottle
Saudi Arabia600Reasonable
Seychelles200Reasonable1 Litre
South Africa20050ml / 250ml1 Litre / 2 Litres
Thailand200Reasonable1 Litre
Turkey200120ml1 Litre / 750ml
UAE2,000Reasonable1 Litre / 2Litres
United Kingdom200202ml / 902ml2 Litres
Zambia400102ml1 Bottle (open)
Zimbabwe400Reasonable2 Litres / 3 Litres

Disclaimer: These figures were correct as of November 2016.

Where does Kenya Airways have a hub?

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