Illva Saronno capitalises on Disaronno in Orlando

This year’s Summit of the Americas exhibition in Orlando will see Illva Saronno continue to push its iconic brand Disaronno®.

The brand, which has made a name for itself as the world’s favourite Italian liqueur thanks to its original taste and unmistakeable aroma, is the perfect blend of centuries-old tradition and a future-oriented, innovative approach. Ideal for travel retail due to its appeal for giftability or self-consumption, the brand sits well in airport shops, cruise ships and ferries all over the world.

Disaronno’s versatility also makes it the perfect contender for travel retail activations and sampling. Whether served neat, on the rocks or in an easy-to-make cocktail, there is something for everyone to try. For travellers who know Disaronno® – and those who do not – sampling enables them to enjoy the different nuances that contribute to the uniqueness of the liqueur.

Of course, Disaronno will not be only product on display in Orlando – Illva Saronno has a wide portfolio of products including the highly successful Tia Maria coffee liqueur which is also ideal for sampling activations and Rabarbaro Zucca beloved by Bartenders around the world.

Says Global Travel Retail Director Nikos Tsagarakis: “We are delighted to be returning to Orlando this year, for the first time under the umbrella of our distributor WEBB Banks, who now additionally represents us in the Americas travel-retail/duty free as well as for the domestic market in Central America and the Caribbean. We are confident that WEBB Banks will enable Illva Saronno to continue building its footprint within the Americas market; they have done an excellent job for us on the Central America and Caribbean domestic markets and our relationship is now stronger than ever.”

WEBB Banks can be found in Suites 2, Peacock Spring, Rock Spring I at the show.

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