Highland Park Fire Whiskey released

Orkney based distillery Highland Park is launching a 15 year old single malt whiskey – Highland Park Fire Edition Whiskey – later on in November. The drink is restricted to a limited edition run of 28,000 bottles and will have a RRP of £190.

Jason Craig, Highland Park brand director said: “Maturing our distinctive whiskey in 100% refill Port wine seasoned casks is a first for Highland Park and the result is a vibrant 15-year-old single malt. Fire Edition has a slight reddish hue (which is its natural colour), intense aromas of ruby-red fruits, light smoke and a long, lingering finish. However, it is still, unmistakably, Highland Park.”

About Highland Park Fire Edition Whiskey

The front of the bottle features a Norse symbol representing the creation of the world, which they believed was protected by a serpent named Jormungandr, biting his own tail. The Highland Park Fire Edition celebrates the Fire Giants from Norse legends that fought against the gods of the Vikings:

Surtr was an evil Fire Giant who ruled the Fire Realm. He would sit at the edge of the kingdom, defending the land by holding a burning sword, which shone brighter and hotter than the sun. The culmination of these tales is an apocalyptic battle between the Gods and the Giants. Surtr led the sons of Muspell across the bridge of Bifröst, burning everything in sight at Asgard (realm of Gods; Thor, Loki, Freya and Odin) and destroying the world at Ragnarök, heralded as ‘The doom of the Gods.’ The world perished in a blazing and burnishing ball of flames and from the ashes, a new earth was recreated.

Highland Park Fire Edition Whiskey Flavors

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Vibrant and intense aromas of ruby red fruits and warm vanilla complement the fiery bitter sweetness of cinnamon bark and the smouldering richness of devilishly dark chocolate.
Palate: The palate bristles of light smoke with striking zesty dried peel and temperate vanilla flavour. Intoxicating spices and the sharpness of damsons entice and enchant your taste buds.
Finish: Intensely balanced, the long, lingering sweet finish magnifies into a sizzling fruity spiciness, providing a bewitching and standout whiskey to enjoy.

ABV: 45.2%

Volume: 70cl

FIRE Edition will be available through specialist whiskey shops worldwide from November 2016 although specific release dates will vary by country. The recommended retail price in the will be around $300 for a 70cl bottle.

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