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关于 Kos Hippocrates 飞机场 (KGS)

Antimachia, Kos 853 02, Greece
城市: Kos
网站: http://www.kosairportguide.com/
到达: Kos Hippocrates (KGS) 到达
出港: Kos Hippocrates (KGS) 出港
36.79330063, 27.0916996
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Kos Hippocrates 飞机场 (IATA: KGS, ICAO: LGKO), 是一个服务于 Kos 面积在 Greece. 向下滚动或 点击这里 看什么 Kos Hippocrates 飞机场 商店, 酒吧、餐馆、咖啡馆和我们的设施 Duty Free Information 2024 数据库. 目前在我们的数据库中,我们有以下信息 3 商店, 1 咖啡馆, 和 0 餐厅Kos Hippocrates 飞机场. 如果您认为此数据已过时或不正确,请 联系我们 我们将让我们的研究团队更正我们的数据.

Kos Hippocrates Airport serves the Greek island of Kos, located in the Dodecanese archipelago in the south-eastern Aegean Sea. The airport is situated very close to several popular tourist attractions, such as the Asklepieion archaeological site and Therma Beach. The main airlines that operate flights from and to Kos Hippocrates Airport are Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines.

The airport consists of one terminal with two levels – arrivals on the ground floor and departures on the first floor. Facilities at Kos Hippocrates Airport include a café bar, ATM machines, car rental desks, retail outlets, currency exchange services, free Wi-Fi access points and more. In addition to short-distance flights connecting to other Greek islands and mainland Greece, the airport offers international flights to destinations such as London, Moscow, Istanbul and Munich. Passengers can travel to Kos Hippocrates Airport by car or taxi, while public buses are available from Kardamena and Kefalos village. Travelers should note that the airport operates a strict security protocol and all passengers must pass through metal detectors upon entry into the terminal building.

Kos Hippocrates Airport is dedicated to providing passengers with an enjoyable journey experience. The team of professionals strive for excellence in customer service ensuring stress-free travel for its guests. With modern facilities and convenient transport links, Kos Hippocrates Airport makes it easy for travelers to get on their way quickly and smoothly.

有关的常见问题 Kos Hippocrates 飞机场

大约需要 31 mins 驱动 14.7 mi (23.7 公里) 的中心之间 KosKos Hippocrates 飞机场, 使其足够方便和适应任何旅行计划。 确保您准时到达,借此机会探索位于内部的免税购物机会 KGS 飞机场, 在这里您可以购买独家香水和古龙水、香烟、酒精、食品、糖果和纪念品 Greece.

提供外部停车选项。 不要忘记,您也可以选择将汽车留在家中,因为有许多公共交通工具可以带您往返 Kos Hippocrates 飞机场.

抵达机场后,您可以选择在任何一家机场吃点东西,为接下来的旅程补充能量 1 可用的餐厅和咖啡馆, 或者为什么不直接前往免税店购物呢? 这 3 不同的商店 大约 Kos Hippocrates 飞机场? 为心爱的人买一份最后的礼物,或者用旅行中当之无愧的纪念品宠爱自己.

  • Airport Shop
  • Tax Free Shopping

  • Light Refreshments/Bars
  • Restaurants/Cafeterias

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Antimachia, Kos 853 02, Greece



Kos Hippocrates 飞机场 (KGS/LGKO) 商店、餐厅和设施

商店、酒吧、餐馆、咖啡馆和设施 Kos Hippocrates 飞机场:

Airport Shop
  • 24 hours
  • Departures
Airport Shop
  • 24 hours
  • Arrivals
Light Refreshments/Bars
  • +30 22420 51121
  • +30 22420 51121
  • 24 hours
  • null
Tax Free Shopping
  • +30 22420 51570

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