2016 sees increase in spending at airports by travellers

A study commissioned by Tax Free World Association has shown that duty free and travel retail sales between January and November 2016 totaled $47.7bn worldwide which is an increase of 2.2%.

TFWA President Erik Juul-Mortensen said: “Looking at the future, there are many causes for optimism: the outlook for the travel sector is very positive, and worldwide investments in airports continue to grow. Fashion is a dynamic sector, but the most flexible brands will have the greatest success: those who can offer a shopping experience beyond just commercial transactions, and who know how to understand their clients’ wants and needs.”

Italy’s Malpensa Airport has recently undergone big updates by creating a brand new shopping ares. Luigi Battuello, non-aviation Sales Manager of SEA Milano added: “The airport was subjected to a commercial retooling, and we’ve transformed Terminal One—which accommodates 13 million of Malpensa’s 19 million passengers each year—into a mall for all travelers. The fashion sector comprises 60% of non-aviation commercial sales,” he said.

2016 was also a big year for Rome Fiumicino airport with a 3.2% increase in passengers and a new €390m “Area E” in Terminal 3.

“We wanted to organize a diversified but high-level range of offerings, capable of supplying customized “solutions” based on the needs of each segment of passengers that comes through and waits in the new area,” commented Fulvio Fassone, Sales Manager for Aeroporti di Roma.