TUI fly Belgium duty free shopping

Most airlines offer some kind of inflight shopping although depending on the route and the airline, these products may or may not be duty free. You can usually expect to be able to purchase fragrances, cosmetics, etc from the comfort of your seat. Here’s what information we currently have on TUI fly Belgium duty free shopping. Be sure to check back on this page frequently as we are constantly updating the information on the website.

About TUI fly Belgium (TB)

Airline name: TUI fly Belgium
Callsign: BEAUTY
Country: Belgium
Phone: +32 70 22 00 00


TUI fly Belgium, legally incorporated as TUI Airlines Belgium NV and formerly branded Jetairfly, is a Belgian airline with its registered office at Brussels Airport.

The airline adopted its trading names Jetairfly in November 2005 and TUI fly Belgium in October 2016. It is a subsidiary of the TUI Group and part of the TUI Airlines. TUI Airlines also incorporates the sister companies TUI fly Netherlands (The Netherlands), Corsair International (France), TUI fly Deutschland (Germany), Thomson Airways (United Kingdom) and TUI fly Nordic (Sweden).

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