Three Ships release first ever Pinotage Cask whiskey

Only 3,500 of the limited edition Three Ships 15 year old Pinotage Cask whiskey will be made available, so act now if you want a bottle.

Here’s what master distiller Andy Watts has to say about their new whiskey:

“Whisky finishes are nothing new, but never before has a Pinotage cask ever been used. The idea first came to me in the early 2000s but back then our industry was still very young and the world wasn’t quite ready to accept such innovation from South Africa.

“But I had never let go of my dream so some years later I had laid grain and malt whisky to rest in American casks for the purpose of finishing the blend in Pinotage casks. That was 15 years ago. Seems like half a lifetime has passed since then! This moment of being able to stand with the finished product in my hand is, in 25 years as a master distiller, truly the pinnacle of my career. I’m literally on cloud nine!”

The whiskey is available from 8th October – dubbed ‘World Pinotage Day’ and is available from Big Five Duty Free stores.

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