The Shilla Duty Free and La Prairie put Eyes in Focus

SOUTH KOREA. The Shilla Duty Free and La Prairie have celebrated the launch of the Swiss luxury skincare house’s breakthrough innovation Skin Caviar Eye Lift by hosting an ‘Eyes in Focus’ photographic exhibition.

Shilla described the initiative as an “evolutional leap from previous launch event formats consisting mainly of product-experiencing sessions”. Instead, the launch featured an art exhibition where the photographic works on display by young Swiss photographic artists Daniela Droz, Namsa Leuba and Senta Simond convey the values of La Prairie the new Skin Caviar Eye Lift.


The two-day event was held on 5-6 November at The Shilla Seoul’s Yeong Bin Gwan banquet hall and was attended by over 200 VIPs and KOLs from Korea and China.

As extensively reported, the Eyes in Focus photographic exhibition was conceived by La Prairie’s artistic collaboration with three promising Swiss artists whose intuitive works were also featured during Art Basel in Basel 2019.


The photographic art pieces are born from three unique female gazes, which are intended to capture the beauty, the mystery and the enduring timelessness of the gaze.

Skin Caviar Eye Lift’s tagline, to ‘revive, raise, and redefine’ the gaze, is reflected in the three photographic installations.

The exhibition complemented by Champagne- and caviar-themed catering, with selected VIPs invited to a ‘Caviar Art Dinner’—named after the bridging role of the new La Prairie Skin Caviar Eye Lift between Caviar and Art. The menus were prepared by chefs from The Shilla Seoul and the atmosphere animated with live music by a piano and violin duet.


“Last year, La Prairie was proud to partner with The Shilla Duty Free to create the first Beauty House at Yeong bin Gwan,” said La Prairie Travel Retail Asia Regional Director Jean-Marc Loi.

“This November, riding on the success of our collaboration, we further elevate the client experiences by bringing an art exhibition to our VIPs in the same esteemed location. The Eyes in Focus photographic exhibition celebrated the beauty of the gaze through the prism of art. Each of the photographic installations reflects our latest innovation—Skin Caviar Eye Lift—which would revive, raise and redefine the gaze. By deploying this new engagement format, we allow our clients to see, feel and connect with La Prairie from a different perspective.”

“We are getting offerings from diverse beauty brands to cooperate, as Shilla is now recognised as one of the leading global duty free retailers, especially in perfumes & cosmetics,” said The Shilla Duty Free Executive Vice President of Merchandising Team Young-hoon Kim. “We will try our best to deliver another level of experience to our customers.”

Original source - The Moodie Davitt Report

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