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About Rafael Nunez Airport (CTG)

Aeropuerto Rafael Nuñez, Cartagena, Colombia
City: Cartagena
+57 5 6931351
Website: http://www.sacsa.com.co/
Arrivals: Rafael Nunez (CTG) Arrivals
Departures: Rafael Nunez (CTG) Departures
10.4424, -75.513
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Rafael Nunez Airport (IATA: CTG, ICAO: SKCG), is an airport serving the Cartagena area in Colombia. Scroll down or click here to see what Rafael Nunez Airport shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, and facilities we have in our Duty Free Information 2023 Database. Currently in our database we have information on 16 shops, 0 cafes, and 0 restaurants at Rafael Nunez Airport. If you believe this data is out of date or incorrect in any way, please contact us and we will get our team of researchers to correct our data.

Rafael Núñez International Airport is the third busiest airport in Colombia and serves the city of Cartagena. Located on the northern coast of Colombia, this airport is a key hub for tourists and business travelers alike. It provides year-round connections to cities around South America, as well as several destinations in North America, Europe and Africa.

The airport was initially built in 1960s as a small domestic terminal for Copa Airlines and expanded over the years to become an important commercial gateway for the region. Rafael Nunez Airport offers two passenger terminals with a wide range of amenities and facilities such as duty free shops, restaurants and bars, banking services, rental car counters, medical services and much more.

A variety of ground transportation options are available from Rafael Núñez International Airport including taxis, buses, trains and other public transport options. Taxis can be found just outside each terminal building while buses run regularly to nearby cities like Barranquilla or Santa Marta. The Rail Station is also located close to the airport giving passengers easy access to most parts of Colombia with regular trains running throughout the day.

The airport has gone through several renovation projects over the years with new technologies being implemented to improve both efficiency and passenger comfort at Rafael Núñez International Airport. Recent renovations included the construction of a new control tower that opened in 2016 , providing better visibility for both pilots and air traffic controllers during their operations at this busy airport. Additionally there have been upgrades to security procedures making it one of the safest airports in Colombia where travelers can feel secure during their stay.

Rafael Núñez International Airport serves as a major gateway for tourists visiting Cartagena’s many attractions that make it one of most popular tourist destinations in South America. With its ideal location near beaches, colonial towns and interesting places like San Felipe Fort or Chivolo Ecological Reserve , travelers who pass through this airport can take advantage of all these great places within short distances from Cartagena city center .

Overall Rafael Núñez International Airport has become an important center for travel abroad from Colombia . It has seen significant growth in recent years due to its strategic location connecting multiple continents together reliably . As it continues to grow , travelers can expect an even more efficient service when they arrive at this busy international terminal .

Frequently Asked Questions about Rafael Nunez Airport

It takes approximately 33 mins to drive the 6.5 mi (10.5 kilometres) between the centre of Cartagena and Rafael Nunez Airport, making it accessible enough to facilitate and accommodate any travel plans. Make sure you arrive in time to take the opportunity to explore the duty-free shopping opportunities located inside CTG airport, where you can purchase exclusive perfumes and colognes, cigarettes, alcohol, food items, confectionery, and souvenirs from Colombia.

External parking options are available. Don't forget that you can also opt to leave your car at home, thanks to the many public transportation alternatives that can take you to and from Rafael Nunez Airport.

Once you arrive at the airport, you have the option to fuel up for your journey ahead by grabbing a bite to eat at any of the available restaurants and cafes, or why not head straight for the duty-free shopping opportunities at the 16 different shops around Rafael Nunez Airport? Get a last-minute gift for a loved one, or spoil yourself with a well-deserved souvenir from your trip.

  • Aerocueros & Detalles
  • Aerodelicias
  • Air zone
  • Antojos
  • Arboreto Cafe
  • Artesanias Hilda
  • Bella Arcadia
  • Ceviche Rico
  • Cm Drugstore
  • Duty Free
  • Fedco
  • Joyeria Maz
  • Presto
  • Prodiscos
  • Snack Bar
  • Solo Cafe

We do not have this information in our database.


Aeropuerto Rafael Nuñez, Cartagena, Colombia



+57 5 6931351

Rafael Nunez Airport (CTG/SKCG) shops, restaurants, and facilities

Shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, and facilities at Rafael Nunez Airport:

Aerocueros & Detalles
  • (5) 666.22.70
  • Gate/Area: Int Hall
  • (5) 656.66.10 Ext.2025
  • Gate/Area: First Floor
Air zone
  • (5) 656.66.10 Ext. 2078
  • Gate/Area: Int Hall
  • (5) 656.66.10
  • Gate/Area: First Floor
Arboreto Cafe
  • (5) 656.66.10 Ext. 2031
  • Gate/Area: First Floor
Artesanias Hilda
  • (5) 656.66.10 Ext.2062
  • Gate/Area: Int Hall
Bella Arcadia
  • (5) 656.66.10
  • Gate/Area: Int Hall
Ceviche Rico
  • (5) 666.13.50
  • Gate/Area: First Floor
Cm Drugstore
  • (5) 656.66.10 Ext.2020
  • Gate/Area: Int Hall
Duty Free
  • (5) 6569200 Ext.2077
  • After Security | Gate/Area: Frist Floor
  • (5) 656.66.10
  • Gate/Area: Centrall Hall
Joyeria Maz
  • (5) 656.66.10 Ext.2015
  • Gate/Area: Int Hall
  • (5) 656.32.20
  • Gate/Area: First Floor
  • (5) 656.42.10
  • Gate/Area: Int Hall
Snack Bar
  • (5) 656.66.10 Ext. 2011
  • Gate/Area: First Floor
Solo Cafe
  • (5) 6569200
  • After Security | Gate/Area: Frist Floor

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