Sky Vacations, a member of the Sky Bird Group, announced today a new tour “Reel Life to Real Life: Bridgerton” focused around the hit Netflix series “Bridgerton” with an optional “Downtown Abbey” extension.

“Starting last year, we noticed a steady trend of inquires about touring and visiting the film locations featured in Bridgerton so it made perfect sense for us to design a self drive trip built around the sites” said Richard Krieger, Director of Sky Vacations. “American travelers have always flocked to the UK to experience its history, culture along with the many sites familiar to us from film and television. A few years back we couldn’t keep up with demand for our “Downtown Abbey” tour and we expect the same demand for our new “Bridgerton” product. And with the winter release of the “Downton Abbey” sequel, these locations will be more popular than ever.”

“Reel Life to Real Life: Bridgerton” features 7 nights hotel accommodation, car rental, visits to Bath, Holbourne Museum, Rangers House, the home of the Bridgerton family, and other film locations featured in the series “Bridgerton” a visit to Lacock, famous for its appearances in “Downton Abbey”, “Pride and Prejudice” and “Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince,” plus a cruise on the Thames from Westminster Abbey.  An optional visit to the home of “Downtown Abbey”, Highclere Castle is also available.

Original source - Travel PR

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