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About Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA)

Address:First Ave, Finningley, Doncaster DN9 3RH
City:Doncaster, Sheffield
Country:United Kingdom
Phone:+44(0)1302 625050
Arrivals:Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) Arrivals
Departures:Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) Departures
Weather Temperature: 18.7°C
Conditions: Clear
Humidity: 64%
Wind: 5.66 k/h
Pressure: 1019 hpa
Latitude/Longitude53.48053781, -1.010656357
Map:Click to view airport map
Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport Duty Free
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Overall rating: 3.9 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.
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Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield (IATA: DSA, ICAO: EGCN) is an international airport located at the former RAF Finningley station at Finningley, in the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster within South Yorkshire, England. The airport lies 3 miles (5 kilometres) southeast of Doncaster and 18 mi (29 km) east of Sheffield. Handling 857,109 passengers in 2015, Robin Hood Airport is the smaller of Yorkshire’s two large commercial airports, the other being Leeds Bradford Airport.

The airport was initially operated by Peel Airports, a division of The Peel Group. At this time, Peel Airports also owned and managed Liverpool John Lennon Airport and City Airport Manchester. Peel Airports also owned a 75% stake in Durham Tees Valley Airport, the remaining 25% being owned by local councils in the DTVA area. Doncaster Sheffield Airport has a CAA Public Use Aerodrome Licence (Number P876) that allows flights for the public transport of passengers or for flying instruction.

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Duty Free Allowance at Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport

If you are travelling to United Kingdom from a country within the EU, then you can bring in an unlimited amount of goods that you have bought in that country as long as the price you paid included tax and the goods are for your own personal use (this also includes items that you intend to be gifts).

What are the limits on duty free cigarettes/alcohol at Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport from inside the EU

Despite there not being a limit on the amount of alcoholic and tobacco goods that you can bring in from a country in the EU, if you have goods that are more than the following guidelines, then there is a good chance that you will be questioned by a Customs Officer about what you intend to do with the goods:

  • 800 cigarettes, 200 cigars, or 1 kg of tobacco
  • 110 litres of beer
  • 10 litres of spirits
  • 90 litres of wine
  • 20 litres of fortified wine

What are the limits on duty free cigarettes/alcohol at Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport from outside the EU

If you are entering United Kingdom from a country outside of the EU, then your allowance changes to the amounts listed below. Again, these must be for your own personal use. If you intend to sell the goods or if you go over these allowances, then you may have to pay duty and/or tax).

  • 200 cigarettes, 100 cigarillos, 50 cigars, or 250g of tobacco
  • 4 litres of still wine
  • 1 litre of alcohol over 22% volume or 2 litres of alcohol less than 22% volume
  • 16 litres of beer
  • up to £390 worth of all other goods
Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport Reviews

well what can i say it is one of the best airports in the UK quick to get though security and has a very good departure lounge the same as i i fly out of this airport every year and is always a good experience
- jack barratt

Doncaster airport is still a relatively new airport, so it is still in the process of developing it's own identity. The check-in experience was relatively pain free although the facilities around the check-in area are limited especially if you are checking in early morning. The retail outlets and food and beverage outlets are also limited, especially if you have an early departure. Last year there were three flights all leaving within 45minutes of each other and the food land beverage outlets didn't open until the flights had been called for boarding, so the outlets were then open with no passengers for at least another 2 hours. I love airports and feel that they are a part of the whole travel experience. Unfortunately Doncaster has not yet risen to that level, however as it is only 30 minutes from my home i will continue to use it purely as a convenience.
- Stuart Borthwick

Doncaster Airport seems to be a very good airport for beach holidays but doesn't seem to offer anything else in the way of culture apart from 3 polish flights and a Lithuanian flight. Now that links air has arrived there is a bit more variety but Doncaster Airport still need more flights that suit the people that would rather not lay on a beach throughout their holiday.
- Adam Fisher

An excellent airport although many other airports have a much more comprehensive list of destinations, this airport is a gem and is very much liked by those who have used it. I use this airport (as many do) whenever I can. There also appears to be a much more proactive plan by Peel Holdings to develop the airport further than has been the past. Flights to Dublin are to be reintroduced shortly, which if Amsterdam could be reinstated to the list of destinations would greatly improve the opportunity for world wide travel by using these airports as hubs.
- K

Unbelievably rude staff. Their attitude, particularly to non English speakers (which I am not) is completely unacceptable. My wife very frequently and I (less frequently) travel through this airport and never fail to be shocked. The security is shoddy and more focused on showing off who's in charge than really doing the important job they should be doing (similar to recent images from Sharm). I was personally witness to a member of staff who aggressively told a middle-aged passenger (a doctor I was flying with) that 'she can try all she wanted but she'd never fit her hand luggage into the sizer'. It turned out that it fitted without any problem at all but the member of staff just stormed off, leaving a very embarrassed younger member of staff to allow the passenger to proceed. When two flights arrive - mayhem ensues. The Police and Border Force do their best but airport staff heard members of the public around, shouting at them as if they (the passengers)were delinquents. This airport needs to get a grip on its staff as it comes over as racist, rude and incompetent.
- Adam

Doncaster Sheffield is one of the best small airports I know. Arriving at the airport I moved through the airport without a single problem. Check-in for my flight was quiet and security was no problem taking about 2 minutes. In the departure lounge there is a WHSmiths and a duty free plus a weatherspoons that were open while I was there. There a plenty of seats and by the window provide a good view of the runway and apron, but there wasn't much going on. Overall the experience was excellent and would use it again.
- Liam Tallon

Robin Hood is always good. Easy commute for East Midlands and South Yorkshire people. Check-in quick same as security. WiFi is slow but descant, and view of apron great. WHSmith, Weatherspoons and DutyFree available. Very good airport!
- Oli

Getting to the airport is alright but not great. The airport still needs to be linked up by a M18 spur road, but given that the surrounding area isn't very busy; it doesn't take long. Arriving at the terminal there was a few people at the check-in desks. I continued on my way through to security upstairs which was slightly busy but only took about 5 minutes. The Terminal facilities are good enough for an airport its size. There is plenty of seating more importantly, especially overlooking the tarmac and the runway.
- Liam Tallon

Being 30 minutes from my home and with a good selection of destinations, I have used this airport since it opened and have never been disappointed. OK, some other airports may have a wider range of outlets etc but they lack the personal feeling of Robin Hood Doncaster Sheffield Airport (RHDSA) and its relaxed nature and parking (including charges). Having previously used Heathrow, Gatwick, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds Bradford and Humberside airports, RHDSA is ALWAYS my preferred airport.
- K

It's only a tiny and relatively still new airport but its staff, including volunteers pre-check-in are all full of heart and are helpful. Try the small Premier lounge if you have more than an hour to wait. Although it gets busy quickly. Top menu item - fish finger sandwiches! You know you're in Yorkshire
- Tim
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