Retail inMotion launches meal order and delivery app for airline crew

INTERNATIONAL. Retail inMotion has launched a meal order and delivery app for airline crew members.

The Crew Food App went live with a launch customer in May 2018 but can be used by any airline.

Crew members can use the app to choose and order the meals they want to eat onboard before their flights.

From a flight schedule that is linked via an interface with the airline, crew can choose the date and flight they wish to get the meals delivered to. They can browse from various food categories, choose their preferred meal, add it to their ‘shopping cart’ and pay with their credit or debit card. The status of the order can be followed in the app.

Once the status of an order has changed, the user gets updates via email and in-app notifications. Crew members can create or amend their orders and place orders up to one hour before planned departure of the flight.

The app also includes a rating system and offers the chance to give written feedback.

In the ‘back-office’ of the app, program administrators can manage food categories, products, prices and availability, with changes applied in real-time.

Reports and order overviews give administrators a transparent overview of the whole operational process. Payments are processed via Retail inMotion’s vPay Payment Gateway.

Retail inMotion CEO Stefan Patermann said the launch was “another step in the execution of Retail inMotion’s strategy of building the leading platform to digitalise the passenger, crew and product journey”.

Original source - The Moodie Davitt Report

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