Mentos Connecting Tin launch supported by exciting promotion in Copenhagen Airport

Last month Perfetti van Melle (PVM) introduced its new product, the Mentos Connecting Tin, which was supported by a major promotion at Copenhagen airport. The tin is featured alongside Perfetti van Melle’s bestselling Mentos Jumborolls in a colourful display at a high traffic location in Heinemann Duty Free.

During the promotion shoppers were invited by a promotor to get their polaroid taken in front of the Mentos photo wall, with fun signs to hold such as ‘Smile I am at Mentos’ or the word ‘Hello’ in different languages. The pictures could either be added to the magnetic photo wall or taken home as a souvenir. This proved to be a fun way of getting shoppers to interact with the Mentos brand and introduce them to the Mentos Connecting Tin.

The connecting tin was developed based on the knowledge that 50% of confectionery products in airports are bought as a gift, and that the confectionery category is very impulse driven with over 60% of purchase decisions made at the airport or in the store. Since the category is so impulse driven, and interaction with the shopper and great visibility are very important, the connecting tin is launched in two vibrant colours – yellow and pink – to catch the eye of the shopper.

The tin and the fruit flavored candies inside it feature the word ‘Hello’ in more than 30 languages, for each greeting there is also an iconic landmark of the specific country to go along with it, both are printed on the tin and candies. These different languages and landmarks are easy conversation starters helping people to connect around the world.

Says Femke Van Veen, PVM’s Brand Manager Global Travel Retail:

“This was a really great promotion to support the launch of the Mentos Connecting Tin. Travellers were certainly drawn in and inspired to try out the product – the polaroid wall proved very popular with both children and adults – and Heinemann were certainly very pleased with the results; as were we!”

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