Larsen recognise craft of barrel-making with Cooper’s Selection range

Altia has launched Larsen Cooper’s Selection, a tribute to the handcraft of barrel-making that emphasises the importance of the cask in Cognac maturation.

The first launch in the collection, #01 VSOP Double Toasted, was introduced in travel retail in Estonia in June and in Finland and Norway in the autumn.

The #01 VSOP Double Toasted, which is aged in barrels that have been charred twice to give aromas of toffee and vanilla, emphasises the importance of charring in giving the barrel specific aromas.

Alitia Marketing Director of Spirits Suvi Reinikkala said: “Larsen’s ambition is to be the most innovative Cognac brand globally. We want to invent new ways of enjoying Cognac and push the boundaries. Explaining how Cognac is made and coming up with new ways to control the flavour are really valuable. Cooper’s Selection is one example of Larsen’s innovative work.”

A new addition to the range is expected every one to two years.

Original source - The Moodie Davitt Report

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