Lambretta Watches will showcase its spring/summer novelties at the upcoming Summit of the Americas (stand 831).

Volta 39 is a new vintage-inspired men’s watch with a slim case, dome-shaped glass and slightly curved dial. The model is available with a genuine leather strap, mesh bracelet and perlon strap.

For men, the Imola 44 Racing Edition is a tribute to Lambretta’s racing heritage from the 1960s. For women, the Mia 34 has an “ultra-thin” case complemented by either a leather strap or Milanese mesh bracelet.


The Mia 34 features a minimalistic feminine design

Lambretta Watches’ best-selling women’s range, the Cielo 34 collection, has been updated to include suede straps.

Lambretta recently teamed up with International Brand Builders to expand its presence in the Americas market. The brand is now available in key locations throughout Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America.

Cielo 34, a best-selling feminine collection, has been updated to include suede straps

Capella/Lambretta Watches CEO Jonas Dahlgren said: “We are now present in all channels, with a focus on airports where we are shipping our new self-select towers.”

International Brand Builders President Katherine Sleipnes commented: “Lambretta Watches have been well received by our retailers, due to their trendy and sleek designs, packaging, and price points. Our team of eight will be sharing the new collections in Orlando at the 2018 Summit.

“Watches retailing for less than US$100 are considered an impulse purchase, and few other brands play in this category. With today’s pax mix changing, people are looking more for affordable luxury brands, and this is exactly what Lambretta Watches offers.”

Original source - The Moodie Davitt Report

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