The transit zone of Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 1 has just gained a roof terrace. The airport operator, Fraport, says that besides fresh air, it boasts a spectacular view of the bustling activity – ground handling, takeoffs and landings – at Germany’s largest aviation hub:

There’s a telescope that passengers can use for free and a stand provides information about what’s going on down on the apron. A monitor screen also shows the weather report for the next few days, straight from the German Weather Service.

The airport says its “Open Air Deck” (as it’s officially called) is well worth a visit. It covers 1,485sq ft (138m²) and has comfortable seating, fresh air and natural light – “from the south, no less – to help overcome jetlag” and adds that “after spending hours cooped up in a jet, the effect is truly liberating.”

The roof terrace is open daily from 5am to 11pm and can be accessed by all passengers in the non-Schengen zone. Fraport invested about €1.5 million in the project.

Visitors to the airport can could already enjoy a panoramic view of the apron and airfield from the Visitors’ Terrace, which is located on Level 4 (next to the Food Plaza) in the publicly accessible part of Terminal 2.

Original source - Airports International

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