European travel and tourism sector launch TikTok Challenge to boost #DestinationSummer campaign

EUROPE. The European travel and tourism sector has launched a TikTok social media drive to further boost its #DestinationSummer Campaign.

The #TrainingtoTravel TikTok Challenge aims to mobilise travel and tourism stakeholders, pilots, agents, flight attendants, airport staff, travel retail shop assistants and travellers into becoming advocates for the safe restart of European travel this summer.

The campaign urges businesses, employees and associations to participate in the challenge by following the @DestinationSummer TikTok account, tapping influencers or community managers to participate and to share the challenge online.

The #DestinationSummer website has revealed an updated ‘Get Involved’ tab, where travel industry stakeholders can get more information about the campaign, gain access to new visuals for social media, and share posts.

The European travel and tourism sector, supported by Airlines for Europe (A4E), Airports Council International (ACI), International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the European Travel Retail Confederation (ETRC) have jointly launched the ‘Destination Summer’ campaign to lobby policymakers and lift travel restrictions across Europe.

It seeks to work with the European Union and national policymakers to adopt a united approach to lift restrictions and safely reopen international borders.

The campaign builds on the roll-out of various vaccination programmes across Europe, and urges a coordinated approach to the lifting of travel restrictions in line with vaccine efficacy and mass testing.

  • The coalition is calling for a harmonised European approach for the following key points
  • The restoration of freedom of movement in the EU via the implementation of a digital COVID-19 certificate
  • The roll out of affordable and reliable rapid EU testing capacities and increased availability of antigen tests to end blanket quarantines
  • The push to drive non-essential travel via the revision of an ‘EU White List’ allowing travellers from non-EU countries with good epidemiological situations and for those inoculated with EU-approved vaccines

The sector is encouraging European citizens to travel again. It is also asking industry stakeholders in travel, aviation and tourism to join the campaign under the #destinationsummer hashtag and share their desire to safely travel again on social media.

Original source - The Moodie Davitt Report

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