Nagoya Airport (NKM) Flight Status Departures

View instant and accurate flight departures information from all Nagoya Airport terminals. You can order the table below by column or filter the data with the search.

Departure TimeEstimated Arrival TimeAirline - FlightDestination
07:00CanceledJH301 - Fuji Dream AirlinesFukuoka Airport (FUK)
07:10CanceledJH351 - Fuji Dream AirlinesHanamaki Airport (HNA)
07:20CanceledJH341 - Fuji Dream AirlinesKochi Airport (KCZ)
07:35CanceledJH361 - Fuji Dream AirlinesAomori Airport (AOJ)
07:45CanceledJH411 - Fuji Dream AirlinesIzumo Airport (IZO)
08:00CanceledJH321 - Fuji Dream AirlinesKumamoto Airport (KMJ)
08:30Estimated dep 08:30JH303 - Fuji Dream AirlinesFukuoka Airport (FUK)
09:10CanceledJH381 - Fuji Dream AirlinesYamagata Airport (GAJ)
10:20CanceledJH305 - Fuji Dream AirlinesFukuoka Airport (FUK)
10:35Estimated dep 10:35JH353 - Fuji Dream AirlinesHanamaki Airport (HNA)
10:45Estimated dep 10:45JH373 - Fuji Dream AirlinesNiigata Airport (KIJ)
11:05Estimated dep 11:05JH383 - Fuji Dream AirlinesYamagata Airport (GAJ)
11:25Estimated dep 11:25JH363 - Fuji Dream AirlinesAomori Airport (AOJ)
11:55Estimated dep 11:55JH345 - Fuji Dream AirlinesKochi Airport (KCZ)
12:25Estimated dep 12:25JH325 - Fuji Dream AirlinesKumamoto Airport (KMJ)
13:10Estimated dep 13:10JH355 - Fuji Dream AirlinesHanamaki Airport (HNA)
14:10CanceledJH365 - Fuji Dream AirlinesAomori Airport (AOJ)
16:45Estimated dep 16:45JH417 - Fuji Dream AirlinesIzumo Airport (IZO)
17:00CanceledJH357 - Fuji Dream AirlinesHanamaki Airport (HNA)
17:30Estimated dep 17:30JH367 - Fuji Dream AirlinesAomori Airport (AOJ)
17:55CanceledJH313 - Fuji Dream AirlinesFukuoka Airport (FUK)
18:05CanceledJH327 - Fuji Dream AirlinesKumamoto Airport (KMJ)
18:25CanceledJH347 - Fuji Dream AirlinesKochi Airport (KCZ)
20:05Estimated dep 20:05JH315 - Fuji Dream AirlinesFukuoka Airport (FUK)
07:00ScheduledJH301 - Fuji Dream AirlinesFukuoka Airport (FUK)
07:10ScheduledJH351 - Fuji Dream AirlinesHanamaki Airport (HNA)
07:20ScheduledJH341 - Fuji Dream AirlinesKochi Airport (KCZ)
07:35ScheduledJH361 - Fuji Dream AirlinesAomori Airport (AOJ)
07:45ScheduledJH411 - Fuji Dream AirlinesIzumo Airport (IZO)
08:00ScheduledJH321 - Fuji Dream AirlinesKumamoto Airport (KMJ)
08:30ScheduledJH303 - Fuji Dream AirlinesFukuoka Airport (FUK)
09:10ScheduledJH381 - Fuji Dream AirlinesYamagata Airport (GAJ)
10:20ScheduledJH305 - Fuji Dream AirlinesFukuoka Airport (FUK)
10:35ScheduledJH353 - Fuji Dream AirlinesHanamaki Airport (HNA)
10:45ScheduledJH373 - Fuji Dream AirlinesNiigata Airport (KIJ)
11:05ScheduledJH383 - Fuji Dream AirlinesYamagata Airport (GAJ)
11:25ScheduledJH363 - Fuji Dream AirlinesAomori Airport (AOJ)
11:55ScheduledJH345 - Fuji Dream AirlinesKochi Airport (KCZ)
12:25ScheduledJH325 - Fuji Dream AirlinesKumamoto Airport (KMJ)
13:10ScheduledJH355 - Fuji Dream AirlinesHanamaki Airport (HNA)
14:10ScheduledJH365 - Fuji Dream AirlinesAomori Airport (AOJ)

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