Chivas Debuts 15-year-old Celebration Scotch In Global Travel Retail

Travellers from around the world are being given the first chance to discover Chivas XV, the newest addition to the Chivas Regal portfolio, before rolling out globally from 1st October 2018. A blended Scotch whisky selectively finished in Grande Champagne cognac casks, Chivas XV is a major new launch for the luxury whisky and has been created to be enjoyed as part of epic celebrations.

A uniquely refined fruity and velvety interpretation of the Chivas house style, the 15-year-old blended Scotch whisky’s secret lies in its selective finishing process. Renowned for their outstanding quality, the Grande Champagne casks – which are known to produce the finest Cognacs in the world – lend their fine distinction to Chivas XV whisky.

Chivas XV launched exclusively in Global Travel Retail at the beginning of July and will become available in Americas Travel Retail in the Autumn. To support the launch, numerous in-airport initiatives are taking place at major locations around the globe. Immersive experiences which showcase the spirit and bring to life the consumption moment are taking place at 11 locations internationally, including Heathrow, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. An ATL campaign alongside targeted digital and social activations are also already live at locations including Heathrow, Dubai, Changi and Hong Kong.

Pierre Henry Coppere, Brand Director Scotch Whisky at Pernod Ricard Global Travel Retail, comments:

“We are looking to challenge conventions on how and when Scotch whisky should be enjoyed with Chivas XV, and this vision is coming alive in Global Travel Retail first and foremost. By tapping into key moments of the Travel Trail, we aim to capture traveller’s imagination, inspiring them to consider Chivas XV as a spirit for celebrations and milestones.”

Chivas XV aims to capture the imagination of Scotch whisky fans looking to treat themselves or find a gift for family and friends. Providing the perfect taste profile for a wide range of contemporary serving styles, the spirit can be enjoyed as shots or cocktails that emphasise its quality and rich flavour.

Continuing the legacy of John & James Chivas, who pioneered and excelled in the art of blending, the new blend of Chivas XV has a fine distinction of outstanding quality. Opening with rich and sweet aromas of marmalade, cinnamon and juicy sultanas, the blend then transforms into a delicious medley of fruit flavours, butterscotch and caramel toffees, perfectly rounding off with a touch of vanilla in its finish.

Named in a nod to both the age statement and the style of traditional Cognac classification, Chivas XV features a contemporary new look, while sharing the same iconic bottle shape that helps make Chivas whiskies recognisable around the world. Chivas XV is on sale exclusively in Global Travel Retail from July 2018, before rolling out globally from 1st October 2018 with an RRP of $69 for 1 litre.

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