Byredo release ‘UnNamed’ perfume

The Swedish fragrance company Byredo have recently released their latest perfume – a nameless unisex fragrance called “UnNamed”.

This release ties in with the 10th anniversary of the company and here’s what they had to say about it:

“From where does that bursting impression that grips the skin with a cool shiver emanate? Could it be the pink pepper with its spicy and fruity accents? The icy scent of the gin accord? The sharpest noses will no doubt identify a scent of undergrowth running through the backbone of the fragrance. A dark forest where iris roots grow amongst fields of violets and blankets of moss. A forest of towering pines melds woody, balsam scents with a hint of turpentine. Rooted in the formula, balsam evokes wide-open American spaces, evergreens in winter and the sensuality of woods.”

Click here for more details on UnNamed perfume by Byredo.

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