Bargain Britain? 5 Great Apps for Saving Time and Money when you travel to the UK

Following ‘Brexit’ – the United Kingdom’s shock decision to leave the European Union – sterling lost value against the U.S. dollar and almost every other major currency. This has made vacations in the UK a far more attractive proposition for many Americans. However, the opportunity to save money does end with favorable interest rates. Here are five great apps that will help you save even more time and money when you visit the UK.

#1. Uber
Even with the pound at historic low levels, hailing a licensed cab in the UK is still eye-wateringly dear, especially in London, home of the famous black taxis. Uber makes booking a cab far simpler as the app lets you track the cab’s progress and pay when it arrives. Currently available in 16 UK cities, Uber is the best choice for cost-conscious tourists while in the UK.

#2. UK Bus Checker
This free app lists every bus route in the UK. Checking times and maps is a snap although you’ll have to pay to remove adverts. Buses are the best way to travel long distances and are also a cost effective way for travelling across large cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham.

#3. Hailo
For those who believe that a trip to London without a ride in a black cab is a wasted opportunity, ride-sharing apps such as Uber simply won’t cut it. Black cab drivers have an encyclopedic knowledge of the capital and a ride in a black cab is certainly something to cross off your bucket list. Hailo lets you book licensed cabs in London, Manchester, Liverpool or Leeds. By pre-booking a cab from the airport, you can be informed when the cab arrives and be sure to get your vacation off to a great start even if your flight is delayed.

#4. Flightaware
Flightaware is a free app that lets you check airport information and local weather reports so you can always stay informed. Similar to a host of other apps such as Flightradar and Flight Tracker, Flightaware gives you detailed, real-time information such as the flight height of jets and their routes. This app saves you time by letting you check whether flights are delayed or early. Bus timetables, taxi ranks and even available parking slots are also listed for your convenience.

#5. Skyscanner
To save the big bucks, you can’t go wrong downloading this app to your mobile device. If you are flexible with your travel dates, you can save serious cash by searching for the best flight deals and booking them in an instant. This app can help you avoid the hassle of booking and lets you choose the best airline, price and time for you. After you book, you can go straight to the check-in desk and will find your flight confirmation details emailed to you on time.

While there’s no way of knowing if or when the British government will trigger ‘Article 50’ and begin the process of leaving the UK, it’s clear that it has never been so cheap, easy and convenient to visit the UK. These five apps should help you take advantage of the weak pound and snap up great travel bargains and discounts in the process.

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