A new Record for Liege Airport

Despite what it describes as a global economic slowdown, Liege Airport (IATA: LGG) says it has achieved its record annual goods figure with over 900,000 tonnes transported in 2019.

The actual volume was 902,480 tonnes (+3.6%) of transported goods compared with 870,644 tonnes in 2018.

“Our performance is significant in the context of a year that experienced many upheavals, with a double figure growth for the first three months, slowing down between April and July and then declined in August and September. We bounced back at the end of the year,” explained Luc Partoune, CEO of Liege Airport.

He added: “This year, 2020, will be a year of major works and projects including, in particular, the impact study for lengthening the contingency runway. We are also working on the implementation of Alibaba [‘cloud’ technology], the bypass road, the construction of a hydrogen station and on training personnel to meet the very high demand. It will be a busy year during which we shall have to provide quality services to our customers, as well as investing in infrastructure and innovative solutions.”

Passenger activity remained stable with 170,737 passengers passing through the airport.

Original source - Airports International

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